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NDVF 1st Territorial Unit Dainava Military District, Alytus

KASP Dainavos apygardos 1-osios rinktinės vėliavaAlytus volunteers‘unit began to build up on the 13th of January 1991. At that time in Alytus municipality building where the seat of the Sąjūdis was, people gathered, speeches were spoken, the first lists of volunteers were made and busses with volunteers were sent to Vilnius to defend the Parliament and the TV tower.


Alytus territorial unit was founded on the 17th April 1991. By the order of National Defence Department Director General from the 17th April 1991 Arūnas Dudavičius was appointed as a commander of the unit, and on the 11th March 1992 the unit was presented a combat flag.


On the 15th January 1999 by the order of the Minister of the National Defence Republic of Lithuania No. 64 Alytus district territorial defence unit was named as the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district.

Because of the reorganization that has started in October 2005, former 4th territorial unit Tauras military district was detached to the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district.


NDVF 1st territorial unit Dainava military district territory is in the South-Southwest part of the Lithuania and it borders Byelorussia and Russia Federation Kaliningrad district. Alytus town and district, Lazdijai, Druskininkai, Varėna, Šalčininkai, Vilkaviškis districts, Marijampolė, Kazlų Rūda, and Kalvarija municipalities' territories comprise the territory of the unit.


In year 2010 the main task for the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district is to administrate unit's soldiers, to ensure their preparation to defend Lithuanian during the conflict in the composition of Lithuanian Armed Forces or as a part of the NATO forces, to provide assistance to the civil institutions at peace time, to participate in the international operations as a part of Lithuanian contingent or in coalition with the NATO-led forces abroad in order to fulfill Lithuania's international commitments.



NDVF the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district consists of the unit headquarters, ten companies and headquarters Company. In 2007 in the unit was formed a Special operations company. This company is under the command of Vytautas the Great Jeager battalion command. The task of the Special operations forces is to conduct special military operations. The company conducts training according to a special Jeager battalion programme. NDVF the 1st territorial untit Dainava military district SOF is formed from volunteers on a voluntary basis and according to selection and special training principles.


The unit soldiers gain experience not only during the training in Lithuania but also in the international operations as well. Unit soldiers participate in the international operations in Kosovo and in Afghanistan since 2004.

Unit soldiers are active sportsmen; they participate in the Lithuanian Armed Forces, NDVF, Alytus, Marijampolė districts sports events and championships. The unit maintains a close relationship with district high schools and other educational institutions, coordinate with civil institutions, participate in many civil events. The unit also coordinates and organizes sports events between other military and paramilitary organizations.


On 18 January 1997, on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of Alytus NDVF in the centennial military building (Ulonų str. 14a, companies' premises) an exposition "Our Nation's Historical Memory" was opened. In the exposition there are many showpieces such as partisan weaponry, personal items, orders, written during the partisan war, other documents, pictures of former Lithuanian partisans, partisan dugouts etc. Alytus and Marijampolė districts educational institutions' schoolchildren constantly visit the opened exposition. On occasion in the exposition history lessons are organized.






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